The Capgar Group (TCG)

The Capgar Group

Enhancing the Viability of Early-Stage Startups


Our Mission

The Capgar Group (TCG) is focused on delivering significant economic returns to clients in the electronics and semiconductor industries. Services from TCG include market research, strategic analysis & planning, along with business development and operational management.


The investment in early-stage technology startups is vital to continued innovation in the overall electronics sector. Key to this will be in the selection of startups that are the most promising business investment options. TCG has created the Capgar 4T$ System - a standard rating system to determine the health of early-stage, high-tech ventures.


The 4T$ System delivers an effective analysis of early-stage investment opportunities. It is utilized by TCG Partners with client projects - to identify the critical strategic issues to be addressed by organizations to maximize their business growth and financial return to shareholders.

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